Phone Tag Call TrackingIs your aesthetic practice tracking phone calls?

If you’ve followed our blog or spoken with any of the executives at TRBO ADvance then you know we’re all about analytics. Our digital marketing strategies and tactics focus on improving your practice’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These are the metrics that matter, specifically lead generation.

When it comes to tracking leads, it’s important to break down your two types of leads your practice receives: web form submissions and phone calls. Most aesthetic practices track web form submissions by driving prospects to a thank you page, and hits to that thank you page can be tracked in Google Analytics. With certain plugins, you can add hidden fields to your web forms that will pull information about where the lead came from. This will allow you to tie a web form submission lead name to a source, such as Google AdWords, Real Self, or Bing organic, to name a few.

Magic Rating Testimonial

But what about tracking phone calls? Are you tracking the number of calls you’re getting? Can you confirm how many of those calls exceeded 30 seconds? Two minutes? Can you record calls? Can you confirm the source/medium where each call came from? If not, you’re missing out on a ton of data.

Track Phone Call Google Analytics
Effectively track call leads in Google Analytics

Your GPS for Inbound Calls

TRBO ADvance is ecstatic to announce the release of Phone Tag, the most cutting-edge phone track software available for aesthetic practices, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical spas.

What’s so great about Phone Tag?

Dynamic Phone Numbers: Using a simple script, Phone Tag dynamically swaps your main phone number with a unique number to identify each source. This can be done in seconds and won’t hurt your SEO. In some cases, you can even drill down to the keyword used to find the website.

Track Call By Source
Detailed information on every call: name, phone number, call length and source caller came from

Call Recording: How your staff handles phone calls can make or break your practice. The call recording feature gives you the ability to listen to calls to critique, train your staff, or to cross-reference anything ever confirmed to a prospect or patient over the phone.

Detailed Reporting: Phone Tag has a Google Analytics-like interface, with a plethora of data. You can easily view and export all call details, including the prospect’s name, phone number, location, and the source/medium they came from.

Phone Tag Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics and AdWords: In less than one minute you can set up a new goal in Google Analytics to track phone calls along with your web form submissions and other goals. In another minute you can sync up this new goal in your Google AdWords account.  This is incredibly powerful.

Arguably the best part about Phone Tag is that it’s included for FREE for all Gold clients. When you work with a top-notch digital marketing agency that is obsessed with getting better you see new tools and technology released for clients on a regular basis, often at no extra cost!

Here’s what COO Orkan Sozer of El Paso Cosmetic Surgery had to say about Magic Rating:

“We’ve been using Phone Tag by TRBO for a couple months now and the data is incredible. To be able to source all phone calls down to the exact medium they came from is invaluable. We also like the call recording feature. TRBO continues to stay on the cutting-edge when it comes to technology and analytics!”

If you’re not using call tracking now then there’s simply no way that you can effectively track ROI. Phone calls often make up the majority of a practice’s leads each month, and for the many of our aesthetic clients, the phone call leads are the most qualified. These are leads that even if you ask them where they found you, at best they’ll say “Google,” and at worst they say “the Internet.” How does that help you narrow down leads to a unique source, such as a specific AdWords campaigns? It doesn’t, unless you have advanced phone call tracking!

Are you ready to take your lead tracking to the next level? Shoot us a note here if you’ like to learn more about Phone Tag, or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.

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