More Google Changes Ahead

google domain clusterMuch to no one’s surprise, Google is at it again with search engine updates. Earlier this week Matt Cutts posted a new video about Google’s latest attempt to level the playing field.

This specific update will make it less likely for people to see the same domain name more than once in search results. The goal is to strike a balance between showing relevant results and diversifying results.

Google has actually limited “domain clustering,” as it’s commonly referred, in the past. In fact, they’ve altered their stance on this topic several times in the last few years, most recently changing the algorithm to show more diversity on the first page of results, but less so on secondary pages. This means that you’re less likely to see the same domain on the first page, but you could possibly see the same domain frequently on secondary pages.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see less domain clustering on all search result pages. Cutts explains that this update was made because of continuing complaints about the lack of diversity in search results. In the video he even mentions Yelp by name as a website that often dominates the search results.

Cutts did mention that this will not eliminate multiple search engine listings entirely, especially if the domain really matches a specific search query well. However, you won’t see it “over and over and over again as you dig deeper in the search results”

So what does this mean for your medical practice? You’re going to have to diversify your marketing approach to get rankings for various keywords. This means utilizing YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. This also means utilizing press releases and having articles published on 3rd party sites. None of these strategies are new, but they become more valuable as Google attempts to limit search results associated with the same domain name.

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