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ADvance Media is a medical marketing and advertising agency that leverages expertise in data and technology to increase brand awareness and generate more patient leads, increase revenue, and deliver high-ROI results for medical and aesthetic practices.

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Partner Network


ADvance Media is a medical marketing and advertising agency that leverages expertise in data and technology to increase brand awareness and generate more patient leads, increase revenue, and deliver high-ROI results for medical and aesthetic practices.

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Ophthalmologists who are focused on generating more refractive patients can benefit from our proven results building awareness and driving and converting leads.


Our approach with Plastic Surgeons and their associated Medical Spas is to maximize opportunities for high-ticket sales while optimizing for patient retention.


Whether your practice offers Medical Dermatology or not, we’ve got the framework and experience to help you grow your cash-paying patients.

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Our Strategic Approach to Increasing Revenue For
Our Clients is Directly Tied to Our Detailed Process.

The Steps


Successful practices are continually diversifying and fine-tuning their acquisition strategies. ADvance Media promotes our medical practice partners with a combination of organic (unpaid promotion) and paid strategies.


Partnering with the ADvance Leads Sales & Marketing Platform, we’ve developed market-tested follow up sequences and campaigns to aid Patient Coordinators with organization and time management, leading to more bookings & consultations.


Our partnership with the ADvance Leads platform has built campaigns and recurring programs dedicated to patient retention and loyalty. While we do not know what the future holds, we do know that the impact you make on your patients can be a lifeblood for practice growth.

Technology and Data Help Us Better Understand Human Behavior and Trends, Facilitating Quicker, Better Results and Clearer ROI Reporting.

The Tools

Driven Campaigns

We are continually improving ADvance Leads to stretch what is possible with technology applied to marketing best practices. Foundational principles of communication, promotion, and messaging are used to develop campaigns that, when deployed, improve connection and reduce resource loads on
your staff.

Driven Advertising

Once your practice is dialed into leveraging technology to organize and convert prospects into patients, additional volume can be added using advertising. We analyze data from all areas to optimize ROI: everything from our creative process to the time of day and day of the week.

Tracking & Reporting

By using ADvance Leads’ CRM and sales pipeline capabilities, we can help your practice understand where to invest in your growth. Our continually evolving reporting program benefits our practice partners by allowing us to quickly and easily make informed decisions.

Portfolio Highlights


As a trusted name in cosmetic surgery with a discerning client list, we carefully developed a transformative user journey to reflect Dr. Rapaport’s conservative, minimally-invasive approach which has been lauded by both peers and patients.


This eye care practice’s design speaks to their open, welcoming personality. Clear sections communicate the practice’s focus areas and guide the viewer’s eyes through the page.


For New York’s number one CoolSculpting® Provider, we created a diverse website design highlighting the core values of the practice, all the while developing an intuitive user journey across all of the key points of each treatment category. Clear, concise and CRO driven.


Review critical aspects of your practice to reveal opportunities and challenges.


Develop a strategic plan for your practice’s marketing to reach your growth goals.

Fix Funnel

Correct all leaks within your website and/or your sales process to ensure you are converting traffic to opportunities at the highest rate possible.

Sales Pipeline

Ensure that your sales pipelines are set up properly and clear out all old opportunities using campaigns.

Add More Traffic
& Lead Volume

Add qualified website traffic through Organic (SEO) and Paid Advertising to generate new patient leads to your Sales Pipeline.

Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and repeat. Analyze data to determine where to grow your practice depending on what your results are showing!

How ADvance Media’s
Patient Marketing Journey Works


A patient will interact with your brand 7 times prior to making a decision. With that knowledge in place, we often advise our clients to use both Google Ads, as well as paid social media campaigns, to target prospective patients at the top and the bottom of the funnel. Which mediums to use will depend on our detailed data around your procedure of focus.


For social media advertising campaigns, we tend to collect between 8 and 15 points of data in order to better qualify the leads. We also recommend using our pre-tested creative, as we have proven tactics that work. For Google advertising campaigns, we focus heavily on top-of-the-funnel prospects who are most interested in your services.


Once a lead comes in, our automated email and text campaigns prompt the lead to respond in order to get a consultation set up. ADvance Leads also has the capability to do a “Call Connect” to auto-dial any new lead so you can reach them immediately! For those who we cannot reach immediately, we have customized text and email sequences.


As you engage with new leads, their status is recorded in ADvance Leads and moved into the correct pipeline stage. From there, automated messaging takes over again as it is customized based on pipeline stage. The software has appointment setting and in-depth ROI reporting tracking cost and revenue tied to specific campaigns and ad mediums.