Website Development

Our goal at ADvance Media is to build stunning websites that generate leads. We want to wow prospective patients who reach your site with amazing visuals that resonate with your target market.


Wow your visitors with
stunning imagery. 

ADvance Media has some of the most talented photographers and videographers in the industry. We excel at capturing the essence of a brand, and minimize reliance on stock photos and videos. This adds personality to your website and positions you as the expert and authority in your niche.

Our goal is to combine captivating visuals in a design that conveys the heart off your brand and appeals most to your target audience.


An optimized
smartphone experience.

Our data shows that most of our clients have over 70% of their website traffic coming from mobile devices.

Rather than building a desktop design and adjusting to a smaller screen size, we build with a mobile-first mentality. This ensures we are very specific about where each element is located on the page to enhance the user experience and increase the percentage of users who become a lead.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Optimized

Be visible and drive
more traffic. 

The key to quality SEO starts with these three pillars of your website architecture:

  1. On-site SEO (keyword research, title tags, meta descriptions, etc)
  2. Technical SEO (crawlability, indexing, etc)
  3. Content SEO (web pages, blogs, videos, etc)

We have an incredibly in-depth, 125-point process for optimizing SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). Every single SEO component is evaluated and optimized.

Your website will expertly guide prospects toward the information they’re looking for, while highlighting you as the expert and mixing in social proof such as before & after and reviews. 

The website will then gently nudge the prospect to take the next step, by either calling you, requesting a consultation, or booking an appointment.

Portfolio Highlights

This crisp, spacious design conveys this ophthalmology practice’s message of freedom and clarity. The sticky menu and footer follow you through your navigation, keeping calls to action and client information in the forefront.

This eye care practice’s design speaks to their open, welcoming personality. Clear sections communicate the practice’s focus areas and guide the viewer’s eyes through the page.

This warm, engaging design invites you by opening with a welcome and then guides users through a convenient navigation experience.

No other digital marketing or advertising agency in the industry combines the expertise of photography, videography, design, branding, UX, website speed, SEO, and CRO like ADvance Media

Fast Speed

Guaranteed Google page speed scores above 90/100.

ADvance Media builds all of our websites on WordPress, the most robust, open-source website platform. One historical downside to using WordPress is that it can be very slow to load.

Slow websites not only lead to a poor user experience, they also can damage your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

ADvance Media guarantees Google website speed scores above 90/100!

Optimal User

Take your visitors on
a journey.

The smoother the user experience (UX) the better the engagement, and the better the engagement the more likely you will generate leads.

We’ve all been to a website with confusing navigation or hard-to-find content. What do you do? Leave the site!

Our goal is to engage the user with relevant content that nudges them toward more content while interweaving credibility and expertise, all leading to a call-to-action.

An Informative

Each website visitor
needs to be taken on a journey.

This starts by becoming more educated and understanding which treatments best solve their problem by reading your content. Then they make a decision to take the first step, which is a consultation.

Your website is the key to taking control of the journey you want prospective patients taking. The formula is simple but the execution requires expertise and precision.

Lead Gen

Create more sales opportunities to drive more revenue.

Your website is your central hub for lead generation. It’s likely where the majority of your online traffic learns more about you. Even if prospective patients find you on social media or on a landing page from an ad, they are likely to later visit your website.

We focus on maximizing the percentage of web traffic that takes action and becomes a lead.

Accessible, Secure
and Compliant

We never sleep on
your protection.

Our team ensures your website is fully ADA compliant and accessible for visitors with any vision impairments. We take this seriously because not being compliant hinders user experience and puts you at risk of a lawsuit.

ADvance Media also provides SSL security and firewall protection to ensure maximum security. Having SSL to secure your site is pretty standard now and essential for SEO, but it’s not enough. DNS firewall protection, server security and protocols for user access are just a few of the essential tools we leverage to help prevent a brute force attack on your website that could shut it down.

Lastly, we ensure you take the necessary steps to ensure your website is following best practices when it comes to collecting user data. This is a 24/7 job and not being compliant could result in a lawsuit.

Take the Next Step

We’d love the opportunity to connect with your practice to understand your vision and goals. To learn more about our Website Development services please click the button below to leave us a message.