Advertising is the most proactive approach you can take to grow your practice. Methods like SEO and leveraging social media take time; advertising is the best tactic for driving immediate traffic and leads.

The Approach

Performance-driven creative.

At ADvance Media, we understand your target market. We understand the psychology of the prospective patient enough to effectively agitate their pain point and strategically present your practice as the solution to their problem.

While we believe in the power of specials as incentives to get prospects to take action, the specials campaigns you run should only be one piece of the puzzle. In order to effectively build a pipeline of qualified leads you’ll want to highlight  Unique Selling Points (USPs) that are not price-related.

The Mediums

Understand your demographic.

When people think of digital advertising they often immediately think of Google Adwords, now known as Google Ads. This isl a great medium because it generates high-intent leads (those who are actively looking for what you offer).

However, there are other mediums to explore. Bing search ads also drive high-intent leads and at a lower cost than Google. There’s also far less search volume, but due to their investment in AI their search market share has risen over the past year.

Facebook and Instagram are also great mediums for generating leads for non-surgical patients. We also consider YouTube, Google Display, TikTok, and native ads to round out an all-encompassing approach.

We will help you factor in your target market and your offer to decide on the optimal advertising medium.

The Tracking

Full sales funnel transparency.

This is one of the most vital and oft-overlooked pieces of advertising campaigns we analyze. It’s simply not good enough to have conversion tracking set up. We will ensure you have your leads funneling into a CRM that ties a name to the ad source/medium, campaign, keywords searched (in search ads), landing page, submit page, and zip code.

Once in a CRM, we will be able to confirm which ads are doing the best based on lead data, but also based on the resulting consultations and booked procedures.

Iterating & Testing

Breakthroughs happen with continuous optimization.

With the right tracking we can generate detailed data and insights, which allows us to make intelligent adjustments to your campaigns. These little adjustments or experiments/split tests are critical to progress.

Even tests that fail provide valuable insights, and ultimately, with enough testing, we will begin to “crack the code” on the right creative or messaging or landing page that resonates with your target market.

The Results

ROI is our
primary focus.

The key to any direct response ad campaign is to generate a return on your investment (ROI.),  The challenge is that it is impossible to analyze ROI if you don’t have the proper tracking set up.

At ADvance Media, our goal isn’t to solely focus on getting you the best cost-per-lead or highest number of leads. We want to go deeper than that, with an understanding of your entire sales funnel so we’re able to see cost-per-consult and cost-per-acquisition.

Take the Next Step

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