doctor marketingCreating and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing plan is time-consuming. That’s why you turn to your staff or an agency for help. This ensures that your content marketing, social media marketing and other efforts to promote the practice are being handled by someone other than the doctor. After all, what doctor has time for all of that?

It’s important to keep in mind that while you might be paying thousands of dollars to an expert or top-notch agency you can never be completely hands-off. Not only do you need to review and approve most content being published on your behalf, but you need to be take an active role in things that an outside agency simply cannot help with.

What are these “things?” I’ve outlined a list of action items that every doctor should focus on monthly, and in some cases, weekly…

real-self1) Get active on Real Self: If you qualify, getting yourself listed and your profile completed is a breeze, but the real value in being on Real Self is the interaction with patients. This interaction builds your credibility on the site and can even create more relevant backlinks to your website. Make sure you set up the patient questions to feed to your inbox and then take time each week to answer a few. This will help with your visibility on Real Self and organically in general. You should also strive to generate more patient reviews on Real Self, which conveniently is my next point…

2) Ask for reviews: You can post messages to Facebook or send emails to your list asking for reviews, but the best way to generate reviews from patients on 3rd party websites, such as Google+, Yelp, and Real Self, is to ask patients directly. After their follow-up consultation ask them in person. You might also try emailing some of your VIP patients from your personal email asking for reviews. There’s no simple solution, so make an effort. Ask and you shall receive! Here are some additional ideas for generating reviews.

3) Take before & after photos: This is a no-brainer for many practices, but you’d be surprised how many neglect this simple task. Don’t push this off to your staff either. Take pride in your work and spend the 10 minutes or so to gather these photos. The before & after page is typically one of the top 3-4 pages viewed on most aesthetic websites. If you’ve got this down pat then consider stepping your game up with before & after videos! There’s a free app, courtesy of Plastic Surgery in Motion, to help you record these videos using the same cadence and commands based on the procedure performed.

partnership4) Schedule events & find partners: Events can be a huge money-maker for aesthetic practices, particularly those who do more than just surgery. They can also help you build relationships with your patients outside of the standard consultation. For most practices, especially newer one’s, I’d aim to do at least a few events a year, if not one per quarter. The planning for the event can be handled by your staff. In months where you’re not running an event you should network. Find other local businesses with a similar target market, such as beauty salons, high-end nail salons, and even fashion establishments, and see if you can collaborate to cross-promote each other.

BONUS) Patient video testimonials: I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it here, video is huge! The best videos are one’s where patients are singing your praises. There will definitely be patients who don’t want to be on camera, but you’d be surprised how many would be open to it. You just have to ask. You can use the same backdrop that you use for the before & after photos, and you can even use your iPhone or smartphone to shoot these videos!

If you have any questions about what you, as a practice owner, should be doing to help your marketing then drop TRBO a line here or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.

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