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cosmetic practice bloggingIf you’ve been following this blog you know the high value that we place on blogging. Two of the key components to marketing are visibility and credibility. The blog is one major facet of establishing this visibility and credibility, not only to patients, but also to search engines.

Simply put, quality blog articles that are well optimized will improve your cosmetic practice’s organic rankings. There’s no doubt about that. In fact, with the competition online at an all-time high (and growing) it’s more important than ever to be blogging.

In this article I’ll highlight 5 tips for writing great blog articles. When I say “great,” I not only mean that they read well, but that they rank well. This will help you gain visibility, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately, generate more leads.

  1. Develop the habit of writing articles: this is not necessarily an easy thing to do. We recommend that you write out ideas as they come. Set aside time to write each week or month, and then knock out several at a time. What do you blog about? Well, for starters, listen to your patients. What are they asking about? What are their concerns? What’s your competitive advantage? Consider this helpful article with tips regarding what to write about.
  2. Keep it short & sweet: The length should fall between 200-400 keywords. I wouldn’t go below 200 words, but if you go above 400 that’s ok, just take note of how many words you’re at. You may consider breaking that particular topic into segments. Also, remember to break up the text! Use numbered lists, bullet points, images, and keep the paragraphs short. Lastly, remember to proof-read the article at least once.
  3. SEO (internal): Once you’ve got the article written you need to focus on the internal optimization. Make sure the keyword you’re targeting is mentioned several times, but don’t overdo it by stuffing the keyword into every other sentence. Also, make sure you include the keyword in the title tag, meta description, h1 tag, and image tag. Lastly, consider linking to other relevant blog posts. This inter-linking helps Google, and other search engines, find content.
  4. SEO (external): Start by publishing the article on your Facebook Fan page and Twitter page. Then focus on driving links to the article. We want backlinks from your own blog articles, as well as other blogs. Press releases are also a great way to link back to a particular article.
  5. Call to action!!!: Last, but certainly not least, is the call to action. Make sure you tell the reader what to do next. Give them a phone number or a link at the bottom of your article. You can even include a special, limited-time offer to readers.

If you have any questions about blogging, or simply would like to learn more, I recommend you watch our blogging webinar series. To schedule a free consultation to see how you can start, or improve, your cosmetic practice’s blogging just leave TRBO a message here, or call 877-673-7096 x2.

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