How Your Aesthetic Practice Compliment Your Agency Work

TRBO ADvance is a full-service digital marketing agency, but that doesn’t mean we give you every single digital marketing or sales tool or skill your aesthetic practice needs to be successful. No agency does.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you get with Turbo:

  • SEO – citations/directory management and procurement; backlink building; schema/structured data
  • Content marketing – blogs, press releases, and more
  • Media buy management – Google, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook/Instagram, re-marketing, display ads, and more
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Technical and site health audits
  • Website updates and maintenance
  • Review management and procurement software
  • The best photo gallery software
  • Comprehensive call tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting and lead tracking (without all the “fluff” and misleading metrics)
  • Comprehensive lead tracking software and follow up via email, text, phone
  • and much more…
Marketing Services
That’s a lot of different things TRBO can do!

So, what’s missing? More importantly, what does your aesthetic practice need to compliment everything we offer?

Here are the Top 6 Sales and Marketing Pieces Your Aesthetic Practice Should Focus on, to Compliment What TRBO (Or Any Agency) Offers:

1) Photo and video creation: Many agencies can help with professional photoshoots, and I think every aesthetic practice should have high-quality photos taken for their website and at least one “commercial style” video. However, the vast majority of the photo and videos you should be taking can be done in-house.

Take time to shoot videos of your staff, your events, and ideally, patients giving you testimonials. This not only creates content that can be optimized for SEO (and compliment your other forms of content), but it can also create social proof. Furthermore, this content can be used on…

2) Organic social posting and engagement: Videos, images, and before & after’s are just a few ideas for keeping your social media profiles fresh. While only a small number (often 1-2%) of your followers/likes will see your posts in their news feed, with more engagement that percentage goes up. Plus, many of your prospects and patients are going directly to your pages so even with a low percentage seeing your posts in their news feeds you need to keep your social media presence active with engaging content.

We’ve found that the most engaging organic posts are ones that include videos or images of the doctor and/or staff outside of the office. Sprinkle in blog posts, skin tips, and some specials now and then and you have the ingredients for social media game plan.

Keep in mind that you can pay an agency to do organic social posting – that’s quite common – and they can certainly help with some of the ancillary pieces, but as I mentioned above, you need someone in-house to be curating photos and videos on a weekly basis to really make your social media pages stand out. An agency cannot help you with this unless they’re literally in your office every week or so.

3) PR: While not cheap, PR can be very helpful in getting more exposure locally. PR could be a feature in a local magazine, a write-up or a newspaper article, or other media recognition.

4) Business development and community relations: While we live in a digital world, do not neglect the in-person, face-to-face relationships that every local business needs. Figure out all the other businesses that are close by that have a similar target market (high-end salons, beauty boutiques, spas) and reach out or connect with at local networking events. You can cross-promote each other to promote events, highlight specials, build backlinks, and more.

5) Sales: Without this part of your business is covered by a competent person with a thorough process your marketing efforts will likely fail. Your marketing can be on point and you can generate hundreds of leads per day but if no one can close them then you’ve wasted your money.

The key is to leverage a skilled and trained “front-desk” guy or gal for speaking to leads, with comprehensive lead follow up processes – some of which are automated – to ensure no lead goes cold and more are converted into consultations.

6) Organizing events: For many aesthetic practices, events are their lifeblood, serving as HUGE revenue boosters. There’s no perfect way to run an event, but you need a capable and organized person to spearhead your event planning efforts. You’ll also need to focus on your sphere of influence to promote the event, which, digitally speaking is (primarily) your email marketing list and your social media connections.

Last, but most importantly, you need incentives for people to come…discounts, promotions, free-bees. This is where connections within your community, with other aesthetic practice owners, and with Allergan APC’s comes in handy, as they can fill you in on what’s worked well for their events in the past.

What About Software?

You’ll need a few key pieces of software to help with your digital marketing, including an EMR, appointment scheduling software, and email marketing software, to name a few. Conveniently, we’ve created a list of the top 12 softwares every aesthetic practice should be using.

The Right Software
Make sure your practice is using the right software tools

Take the Next Step and Jump-Start Your Marketing

Are you struggling with your marketing and sales? Spending money on some marketing with no luck? Or worst of all, no comprehensive and cohesive vision? TRBO can help! Trust the experts with your digital marketing. Take the next step and reach out today for a free Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analysis. Give us a call at 877-673-7096 x2 or fill out the form here.

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