If you run an aesthetic practice, whether it be a plastic surgery center, dermatology practice, or med spa, you need new patients. Even if you have rock-solid SEO, with organic traffic and leads steadily growing each month, you may want to consider advertising for additional exposure.

We’ve created a three part series that dives into detail about different online advertising mediums to consider. I’ve conveniently broken them into tiers, with part I of the series focusing on search engine ads.

Click here to view Part II: Social Media and Review Platforms

Click here to view Part III: Other Advertising Mediums

Part I: Search Engines

The first place to look if you’re considering advertising is on search engines. Why? Because you can show up for searches in front of patients actively looking for treatments you offer. There’s arguably no better spot online to directly place you in front of your target market than search results.

Google AdWords has proven to be worth the investment for every one of our clients. However, you need to ensure you’re utilizing all the best practices to maximize your ROI. You want to ensure you’re structuring your ads with strong calls to action, compelling landing pages, and utilizing all the features within the AdWords platform, such as:

  • ad extensions
  • call tracking
  • automatic keyword insertion
  • ad/campaign experiments

You can learn more about AdWords tips and best practices by checking out this article.

Yahoo and Bing ads are housed on the same Microsoft platform. I wouldn’t consider Yahoo/Bing ads over Google, because of the much lower marketshare, but if you’re doing well with Google it might be worth considering adding a budget for Yahoo/Bing ads. The benefit to Microsoft’s platform is that because of the lower marketshare you’ll likely pay less per click (less competition).

Both Google and Yahoo/Bing ads require no long-term commitment, so you’re free to increase, decrease, or pause ads at any time. While you may want adjust your bids on a weekly or daily basis, we recommend you stay consistent with your daily ad spend to better evaluate your campaign performance over the course of a month or two.

Do you want to learn more about online advertising? Interested in more exposure, but not sure where to start? Just drop us a line here or give us a call at 877-673-7096 x2.

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