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The Holidays are around the corner! It’s a time for celebration with family and friends and … email marketing! In this article, we’ll highlight some topic ideas, as well as some strategies to help your emails stand out from the crowd.

Thanksgiving is only a week away, as of writing this, and you also have Black Friday and Cyber Monday following shortly thereafter. Then you’ve got the Holidays only about a month away. While it might be a little late in the game to plan a holiday open house, it’s not too late to run some email promotions to your list to get them excited.


Here are some clever promotions you might want to consider:

  • “Treat Your Turkey Neck”
  • “Black Friday Bundle”
  • “Get Mistletoe Ready”
  • “Get The Holiday Glo”
  • “May Your Skin Be Merry & Bright”
  • “Unwrap Your Best Self”
  • “12 days of Christmas”

Of course, these are just cute names. A big part of your success will be the presentation and what you’re offering. For non-surgical services, you want to highlight the importance of looking your best for the Holidays (in a short period of time). This is even more crucial if you offer a procedure like CoolSculpting, which requires multiple treatments spaced weeks apart.

Black Friday Specials

If your focus is on mainly surgical procedures, now is a great time to promote these services. A mini-facelift procedure, for example, has a recovery time of roughly 2 weeks. A breast augmentation, on the other hand, typically requires minimal movement for a few days after surgery, but after that, as long as you avoid heavy lifting, you should be able to return to most activities (including Holiday parties). The point is, it’s not too late to promote these procedures to get patients ready for the Holidays.

Additional Ideas

  • Flex spending: as you approach the end of the year, patients should be aware of their flex spending and make sure they use it.
  • Accept payments via email: I’m not referring to Groupon here. You can actually run campaigns with an email marketing software such as Constant Contact that’ll allow you to collect payments for treatments directly from the email.
  • Segment your list: if you have the ability to distinguish your “VIP patients” from everyone else on your email subscriber list, I highly recommend running unique promotions to these folks. They deserve special deals that not everyone else is privy to.

Remember to make sure your emails aren’t too lengthy and they incorporate a clear call to action, whether that’s clicking a button to go to a Specials page on your website, tapping a phone number to call your practice, or clicking a link to RSVP for an event on EventBrite. The call to action needs to be clear and consistent throughout the email.

If you’re looking for some general email marketing best practices (and tips to avoid) then check out this article.

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