Post Groupon Follow Up Strategy

So you’ve successfully run a Groupon, or Living Social, group deal. Maybe you generated 50, 100, or over 100 new patients. Assuming you’ve effectively planned out how to account for this influx of patients (check out this article outlining the steps for planning & executing a Groupon-like deal), the next step is to keep these new patients coming back. This starts with having the right follow up strategy in place.

For starters, you need to make sure each new patient is added to your email marketing platform. If possible, segment, or tag, them as patients that ‘recently purchased group deal.’ This gives you the ability to market exclusively to these patients. Consider setting up an auto-responder sequence that automates the emails sent out to this newly added segment of patients.

So what exactly do you say in the follow up emails or auto-responder messages? Start by introducing them to your Facebook Fan page and Twitter page. Give them an incentive to “like” you, such as a discount off a service or treatment. Also, link to your Yelp page and encourage these patients to write you reviews. Finally, showcase your blog.

Once you’ve successfully followed up with all the new patients via email, what’s next? The next approach to consider is a postcard campaign. You’ll want to design a 4×6 (or larger) postcard with a special, limited time offer for these new patients. If the group deal you previously ran was a laser hair removal, and the majority of the deals were packages of three treatments, a perfect postcard offer would be an additional three treatments, because it typically takes at least six laser treatments to completely get rid of hair in a given area.

If your group offer was for a Photofacial or chemical peel, consider a postcard campaign offering a discount on your skin care products. For nearly every group discount offer you’ll find a complimentary offer you can extend to your new patients.

To get the most out of a successfully run Groupon or Living Social campaign you need to have the follow up process in place. This means that after you’ve managed to schedule and treat each patient, and “wow” them with your service, you need to follow up with them. This starts with email marketing and continues with a direct mail campaign. If you continue to promote your social networks and additional discounts to these new patients you’ll dramatically increase the odds of them returning to your practice.

If you have any questions about running a group deal or how to follow up with new patients after a group deal then leave TRBO a message, or you can call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.

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