Tips For Using Your Office As a Closing Tool

Many of the articles I write focus on marketing strategies that drive people to your website. This makes sense, as you need a central hub online to generate leads. However, what if you already have the lead? Let’s say, for example, your website’s “call to action” is a free consultation and someone fills out this form. Well, the next step is contact the lead, and I have some tips for closing these leads (ie- getting them in the door). The next step is to turn them into a paying customer.

The first impression a potential patient has about your practice is more than likely online. It goes without saying that a clean, well-organized website that has both photos and testimonials is important. Similarly, having a clean, well-organized office is equally important.

When someone comes into your office you want to make them feel comfortable. For starters, this means keeping the entire office clean. Keep the paint fresh, the dust to a minimum and eliminate the clutter. Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Invest in high quality furniture. Most people would prefer privacy, so consider getting rid of your big couches in favor of armchairs. Also, make sure you check the furniture for wear and tear.
  • Keep fresh flowers in the reception area. Remember to replace them every week.
  • Provide low lighting, soft music and aesthetically pleasing artwork. Like the flowers, this sets the mood and provides maximum comfort for the patient.
The aforementioned tips are important for making the patient feel at ease. Here are some subtle selling tips to incorporate into your office…
  • Coffee table in reception area with before & after patient photos. Just like your website has them, so should your reception area.
  • Testimonials in leather-bound book. What could be better for the doctor than a patient who’s coming to see you for a consultation and just read about how all these other patients love your work?
  • Reception room video. A professionally filmed and produced video that shows the doctor and practice let’s them get to know you more before their consultation. This is something that should also go on the website.
  • Display awards & PR efforts. Any magazine article, newspaper clipping, or TV segment should be compiled and presented in the reception room. Like the before & after photos and testimonials, these can be organized into an individual binder titled “Dr. __ in the News.” Also, consider framing some of the articles and putting them on the wall.
  • Video testimonials. If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I love video testimonials. If you can work these into your reception room video, great. If not, simply showcase them after that video, but make sure they’re well edited. These also have to be on your website.
  • Miscellaneous marketing material. Consider showcasing brochures about the practice and posters that emphasize the treatments you offer. Make sure they match your branding and are eye-catching. Also, make sure you have multiple signs that let patients know where they can find you on your various social networks. Even better, give them an incentive to become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Interactive area. Consider setting up a PC in the reception area that allows patients to learn more about individual procedures. Address frequently asked questions in your presentation so the patient is more educated when they see the doctor.
These are just a handful of tips for making better use of you office, specifically your reception area. I would consider giving some of the marketing material to the patient to take home with them after their consultation. Also, have your patients fill out a brief survey after their consultation to make sure you’re doing your job.
Similarly, during the in-take process, have the patient not only supply their personal information, but also make sure they list any concerns they have. You can then create blog articles using these common concerns!
If you have any additional tips to add we’d love to hear from you. Or, if you’d like to learn more about improving the marketing of your cosmetic practice simply call TRBO at 877-673-7096 x2 or leave us a message here.

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