Turbos Favorite WordPress Plugins

Last week I wrote an article about why you should convert your medical website to WordPress. In this article, I’d like talk about our favorite WordPress plugins and why we use them. There are tens of thousands of plugins, so feel free to share any plugins you like at the end of this article.

  • Shareaholic: A must for all websites and blogs. This plugin allows you to share content on different social bookmarking websites. It also allows you to insert Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icons above or below every page or blog post.
  • Headspace: There are many SEO plugins for WordPress, but we prefer working with HeadSpace. You can customize title tags and meta descriptions for every page and you can set up universal tags.
  • vSlider: This is a great plugin to use if you’re looking to spice up your website’s home page with a rotating banner. You can easily drop in your images and set up the pages you want them to link to.
  • Feedburner: You actually set up your feed with Google’s Feedburner, but this plugin allows for a simple integration so that people can subscribe to your blog. You can also use Feedburner to can also automatically syndicate blog content to your Twitter page.
  • cForms: What good is a site that can’t generate leads? Having opt-in forms on each page of your website (with a strong ‘call to action’) will help you generate more leads. cForms can be configured to have simple text fields, check boxes, drop down menus and more.
  • Askimet: A great tool for preventing blog comment spam.

These are just a handful of the blog plugins we like to use on all of our websites. Please feel free to leave us a comment with any WordPress plugins that you swear by. If you’d like to learn more about WordPress, or how to utilize it more effectively, leave TRBO a message here. You can also reach us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.

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