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social sitesMarketing a plastic surgery center, medical spa or any cosmetic practice takes work. In fact, most practices outsource various elements of their digital or online marketing. Whether it’s search engine optimization, online advertising, or social media marketing, it’s easier to leave it to the experts. However, there are certain things that you shouldn’t outsource.

It’s ok to be a “hands off” owner when it comes to marketing, but by getting active on the following websites, for just 30 minutes or so a week, you’ll dramatically help improve your practice’s online presence and reputation:

1) Real Self: This is the most obvious of the three recommendations. Being active on Real Self means posting replies to patient inquiries. This helps build your profile and presence on the site. While you may use a copywriter (with your oversight) to post blog articles and press releases, you should never outsource Real Self posts. They need to come from you, the board-certified expert.

Not sold on the effectiveness? Among our clients who’ve been active on Real Self (including enhanced profiles) on a weekly basis, every single one saw an increase in patient consultations. While these increases varied, the bottom line is that being active is beneficial. Set aside 20 minutes a week. That should give you enough time to make at least one posting.

2) Yelp: At first glance you might question why I’ve included Yelp on this list. You might pay your marketing team to drive patients to review you here, so why spend any time on this site? Because Yelp gives you the opportunity to respond to all reviews. I highly recommend you take 5 minutes each week to go on Yelp and respond to each review. Yes, even the positive reviews. Any unhappy reviewers will know that you care and want to make things right, and happy reviewers will appreciate your “thank you.” It’ll go a long way to converting them into a repeat patient.

3) Google+: Like Facebook, this may be a social network that you have your marketing team maintain. However, what about your personal Google+ page? If you don’t have one you absolutely need to get one set up so that you can establish your Google Authorship. This will enhance your search engine listings by incorporating your photo in the results. I recommend you take it a step further by growing the number of people in your circles. Colleagues, partners, and patients are all people you can connect with.

The benefit in growing your circles and connection is your sphere of influence expands. This not only means that more people are getting your updates, but Google will view your as more of a credible source. Like Yelp, you can simply spend 5 minutes a week on Google+ posting or scheduling a message and connecting with people.

The key here is getting active. Develop a habit of spending 30 minutes (or more) each week on these social websites.

If you have any questions about how to utilize the aforementioned websites, or you’d like to learn more about implementing a thorough marketing strategy, leave TRBO a note here. You can also reach us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.

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