Importance of Call to Action on Site

In a previous blog post I mentioned some key elements that your practice must include when you upgrade or build a new website or blog. I want to take a mintue to elaborate on one of those elements: the “call to action.”

The reason that this is such an important part of any web development work that you do is that without a “call to action” you WILL LOSE prospective patients. This means less revenue for the practice!

I’m not just talking about a form on the contact page. This requires someone to actually find the contact page. People researching online tend to have short attention spans; therefore, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. For starters you’ll want to have your company phone number in the header. You’ll also want to include some sort of opt-in on your home page. Studies have shown that when someone goes to your website the first thing that their eyes notice is what’s located in the top right corner. If you notice in the example we not only have a phone number & a “call to action”, we also have our social networking links. We’re making it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with us.

At this point you’re probably wondering what type of offer to put in the opt-in box. Discounts and promotions are a good idea. People like to get deals. An even better idea would be a free report or ebook. The only thing better than discounted is free. If you’re a trusted leader in your field then your word will be valued. Thus, inherently there’s a lot of value in free information that you give away, especially if it pertains to your procedures.

If you have yet to finish your free report or ebook, and you don’t have any promotions at the moment, consider making the opt-in form emphasize a free consultation. You can even offer both the free report and the free consultation. This way you’re giving people several options to get in touch with you. That’s the key: give prospective patients as many options as possible for them to contact you.

Having a good looking website that is optimized well on search engines is very important. However, that alone won’t make your phone ring. You need to have a well-placed “call to action” with an opt-in form beside it. If you follow this one step then you’ll surely see your monthly leads increase.

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