Generate Cash While Closed

Your aesthetic practice is now closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent government orders for “non-essential businesses” to temporarily shut down.

generate cash for your practice while closed

From a sales and marketing perspective, you want to make sure you’ve covered your bases by emailing and texting patients and updating your Google My Business page, to name a couple. More on your immediate to-do list in this article.

Now what?

Don’t just sit on the sidelines and wait until you’re given the “ok” to start thinking about your business. Just because you’re closed doesn’t mean you can’t generate revenue.

Whether you run a plastic surgery, med spa, or dermatology practice, here are 5 ways you can keep revenue coming in even when you’re closed:

  1. Sell gift cards: offer them at a percentage off or include a free service or item with purchase. For example, buy a gift card and get a free micro-peel or similar service around a $150 value, or buy a $250 gift card but only pay $200.
  2. Skincare bundles: 20% off packages grouped by pain point. For example, acne, sun damage, and crow’s feet, to name a few. These could be shipped or available for curbside pickup.
  3. Buy now use later: fairly self-explanatory, but the key here is the discount. For example, get any treatment at 20% off if purchased by the end of the month, but it can be redeemed any time in the next 5 months.
  4. Virtual consultations: here are some softwares to consider if you’re considering virtual consultations.
  5. Sell products: consider opening an online store to accept payments. Consider an e-commerce software such as Square or WooCommerce. You can not only sell products but if you’re offering sales on services or gift cards, as mentioned above, you can set these up as products so that your website can seamlessly capture payments.

In addition to the revenue-generating ideas above, it’s prudent for your aesthetic practice to also be thinking about your comeback. What does that look like from a sales and marketing perspective? Here are 6 ways your aesthetic practice can prepare to gain momentum after you re-open.

There will be opportunities to capture market share if you have the right game plan in place once you’re able to re-open. This means:

  • exploring new advertising mediums or trying new campaigns
  • tightening up your lead follow-up processes to optimize your sales funnel and maximize your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • getting in-tune with your lead and consultation tracking metrics
  • firming up your content marketing

These are just a few ideas to work into your post-Coronavirus game plan.

TRBO Can Help Your Practice Prepare to Re-Open and Capture Market Share

If you would like help with setting up an online store or simply strategizing about your re-opening game plan then schedule a strategy session our growth expert Sonja Vaisz.

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