Google is Taking Over Your Ads

In late January, Google announced that it will “take over management” of ad campaigns unless you actively opt-out.

Google sent an email with the headline: “We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business.

Here’s the message Google has been sending out:

google ads campaign automation notification-

What Exactly Does This Mean?

According to Google’s email, they’ll identify “key changes that can help you get more out of your ads, from restructuring your ad groups and modifying your keywords to adjusting your bids and updating your ad text.” In other words, they can edit your keywords, bids, ads, and ad structure. Pretty much all aspects of your ads!

This isn’t really new as Google has offered automated settings in the past, such as smart bidding, which allows Google to adjust a bid for a certain keyword in order to “maximize for clicks” or “maximize for conversions.”

This is more comprehensive though.

So Does this New Automation Mean You Don’t Need an Agency Managing Your Ads?

Sure, if you wholeheartedly trust Google to do what’s best for your practice. At TRBO, we take a more cautious approach.

Google is looking out for itself first and foremost. They’re in business to make money, just like your practice. I’m not advocating that Google is untrustworthy, but I’m hesitant to hand over much of any control to a self-described “pilot program” that relies on an unknown algorithm.

Google Auto Updates

That said, for some folks, this new automated ad management is great. I’ve outlined so positives and negatives below…

The Positives

If you’re a small “Mom and Pop” business and just getting into Google Ads you might find this refreshing. Everything is simplified. You can take a “hands-off” approach to your advertising and leave it on auto-pilot!

Now, if you’re a multi-million dollar aesthetic practice that’s willing to pay a hundred or two hundred dollars per qualified lead? I’d be a little hesitant, particularly because of the negatives…

The Negatives

Google claims it “doesn’t guarantee or promise any particular results from implementing these changes, including impact on your campaign performance, or spend” and all advertisers are still encouraged to “monitor your account regularly so you understand what’s happening and can make campaign adjustments.”

That’s two distinct claims.

Google success claims

First, Google can’t promise they’ll get you better results. Ok, that makes sense. No guarantees, right? That’s too much liability.

But did you catch the tail end of that claim: “including impact on your spend”???

Is Google saying they’ll potentially alter your budget? That’s scary, although Google also said “your budget won’t increase” in another message, so this is very ambiguous.

Second, you, the business owner, should still be making adjustments. Wait, what?! I thought this was on auto-pilot? Not quite…

Google also claims that some of their updates may have a negative impact on results, but you might be able to get a refund in that instance. Interesting…

Our Takeaway

Google has proven to be a solid medium for placing ads for aesthetic practices for many years, and if you’ve had success running your own ads why mess with that? In short, if what you’re doing now is working well then why tinker with it?

Google’s algorithm has more data than you, but are their goals aligned with yours? Does what “works best” for Google work best for your practice?

Ability to Choose

The lack of control, or ability to make your own strategic choices, is the most concerning. Granted, you can opt-out of this service, but who knows what Google has planned next?

Ultimately, diversification of your digital media buy is crucial. You don’t just invest in one stock, so why invest in just one ad medium?

Take Control of Your Media Buy and Google Ads 

Many TRBO clients, including dermatology, med spa, and plastic surgery centers have been seeing great results with digital advertising, and a media buy, with TRBO. If you’d like to learn more about improving your lead generation with Google Ads then give us a ring at 877-673-7096 x2. You can also shoot us a note by filling out the form here.

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