Holiday Marketing Ideas for Medical Practices

The Holidays are a great time to be marketing to your prospective patients, as well as your existing patients. Here are some ideas for offers and deals that you can extend to your patients:

Gift certificates: These are especially effective if you have more traditional spa-like services at your practice, such as massages and facials. Even better, you can market the certificates as great Holiday gifts AND offer an extra incentive for purchasing a certain amount. For example, for a purchase of over $150 include a $30 (or less) skin care product for free.

Gift baskets: This offer depends on your practice selling products. If you do, and you have some creative talent in house, you can find cheap (but nice) baskets with stuffing and organize the different products in an appealing way.

 Charity Drives: This offer can be anything from a can food drive to a Toys for Tots gift donation. Offer a discount of a particular product or service in exchange for a gift (or canned good), depending on the promotion. This is a real win-win, or win-win-win to be specific, because needy kids get gifts, your patients give back & get a discount and the practice gets more patients in the door.

Holiday Facebook Sweepstakes: If you really would like a nice boost to your marketing, and you’re willing to spend a little, consider running a Holiday Sweepstakes promotion on Facebook. You can use a Contest software such as Wildfire to manage the Sweepstakes, as well as Facebook advertising to bring in new people who’ve never heard of the practice This will help grow the number of Fans you have on Facebook and reach new potential patients.

There are many different ways you can market your practice during the Holidays, just remember to say “thank you” to all your Fans, Followers and patients who’ve supported your practice throughout the year.

If you have any questions about Holiday marketing ideas for your medical practice, or you simply want to learn more about what TRBO ADvance does then leave us a note here, or give us a call at 877-673-7096 x2.

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