Important of Blogging for Cosmetic Surgeons

Many cosmetic surgeons started their practices during the age of traditional media where the majority of their business came from referrals and advertising on TV, Radio, and in Newspapers.  With the effectiveness of all of these form’s of media quickly declining, the importance of the move into social media marketing is becoming unavoidable.

Cosmetic Surgeons need to understand that in the new media that is social media marketing, they need not spend their money on expensive ads, but need to connect with their potential patients by providing them with some of the information that they would share during a consult before the patient even comes in for their initial appointment.

This information does wonders for building credibility and trust, as well as branding the particular doctor as the leader in his/her field.  Who wouldn’t want a patient to come in and say, “I’ve read your articles and I’m ready to schedule my procedure, just tell me how much and where to sign!”

While this may seem like a dream, this is quickly becoming the reality.  People want to get to know you so they can end their search early.  With the availability of this information and distribution over the Internet, Cosmetic Surgeons can benefit from a broader reach than traditional media, and will generate new patients from parts of the country and world they would not be able to touch otherwise.

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Matthew Arndt, President, TRBO ADvance

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