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So, I just found what I think, is a great example of how a cosmetic dentist can use video testimonials to increase business to his practice.  I am going to analyze what I found on his site, and even tell you how I would make the work that he’s already done, even better (and more effective).  I mean, why go to all the hassle to put this together if you aren’t going to share it with the world…right?

So Here Is the Article I found It is actually a press release that is being used for search engine optimization as you can see by their use of “anchor text”.

The practice, “Smile South Florida” is run by Dr. Charles Nottingham and Dr. Kenneth Anenberg. In this article they discuss how Smile South Florida is using patient video testimonials on its website.  I just wanted to point out what a great idea it is for cosmetic dentists to use patient testimonials on their websites, and I think they are incredibly smart for using this emerging technique.

However, there are a few essential things that I would do to make this much more effective:

  • The videos are great, I would edit them so that they have intro’s and outro’s as well as text telling someone who finds the video where to go to get more information (also known as watermarking)
  • Distribute the videos with unique titles out on as many video sites as possible.  This will increase the SEO opportunities and create buzz and traffic to the Dentist’s website.
  • On the press release, I would allow commenting to engage those reading it in conversation about the Videos.
  • They are involved in some blogging, which is fantastic and they did a smart thing by posting the press release I found onto their blog in this article.
  • They are also doing things correctly by having the Social Bookmarking links on the blog article as well.  This will allow users that like the article to submit it to all of the important social bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious.  I would take this one step further by actually manually submitting the article and changing up the title and description.  This will allow extra linking and reach of the same article.
  • They have a way to subscribe to the blog, but without having the blog on Google’s FeedBurner Service, they are losing out on the free and easy to use syndication.
  • The only other thing that I would suggest is to blog more often (but I would tell that to anyone not attempting to blog at least twice per week!)

Overall, I would give their social media efforts a B-.  I know I’m being critical here considering that most cosmetic dentists are not using social media marketing at all!  This is a great example of how dentists can learn to use the social web to generate new patients.

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Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Matthew Arndt, President, TRBO ADvance- 877-673-7096.

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