combine online and offline marketing efforts for your practice

So your practice is finally ready to start using social media? Does this mean you should stop investing in your traditional marketing efforts? Of course not. Every practice needs to have an effective online and offline strategy to bring in new patients. So how do you balance both? And how can they work together?

In previous blog articles I’ve outlined the importance of marketing online. It’s quite simple, your potential patients are looking for you online. Their doing more research than ever before because more information than ever before is available to them. They internet, and reviews online, can be biased, so you should be aware of your online reputation. Your website, blog and local business listing should also be optimized so that people can find you when doing general searches.

Let’s assume that you’ve nice looking site with a good “call to action” that is generating leads. Let’s also assume you’re using email marketing and social media. Here are some ideas for combining these internet marketing efforts with your offline marketing efforts:

1) Direct mail campaign: Studies have shown that people are much more likely to open mail delivered by the post office that email. If you send a postcard then the recipient doesn’t even have to open it. Make sure that your postcards are branded to match your website, incorporate your logo and list your website, as well as your social media links.

2) Thank you cards: No matter how popular online marketing ever gets, nothing will ever replace the thank you card. This is similar to direct mail, but it is not promotional. Instead a simple “thanks for choosing us” message will keep your practice fresh on the the patient’s mind. Don’t be afraid to ask for any referrals at the end of your letter. In additional thank you cards, holiday cards and birthday cards are also a very good idea.

3) Networking: Yes, I’m talking about good ‘ol fashion networking with other local businesses. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, BNI or other networking group. There are likely many in your area. Before you go, consider who your ideal strategic partners are. Which business’ have similar target markets? You may struggle with this at first, but consider connecting with the owners’ and employees of nail salons and hair salons because the people who go to these places are not only concerned about their appearance, but they’re also in an environment where they can chat and give referrals.

Internet marketing, and social media marketing, are not replacing traditional media or traditional forms of marketing, they are simply giving your practice additional outlets for attracting and retaining patients.

If you’re not involved in social media marketing you need to look into it today. That being said, make sure that the marketing expert you speak to doesn’t neglect some traditional markting that can be used effectively with your new internet marketing strategy. Finally, make sure you can track each of your efforts individually to see what is working and what is not.

If you have any questions about how social media marketing can help you practice grow in conjunction with your offline marketing efforts then contact TRBO ADvance for a free 30 minute consultation, or call 877-673-7096 x2.

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