More Men Are Having Plastic Surgery

According to a new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more men opted for plastic surgery in 2010 than ever before. Many speculate that this is due to a rough economy and fierce job market, forcing old men to “rejuvenate” their look.

According to Dr. Haeck, MD, a Seattle plastic surgeon, “I have guys telling me they’re getting passed over for job promotions that are going to younger guys. I have others who are unemployed and are desperate to get back to work and ask, is there anything you can do to make me look younger?”

From 2009 to 2010 the number of men receiving face lifts jumped 14%, while men using Botox rose 9% and males opting for liposuction rose 7%.  Dr. Haeck explained that many of his male patients prior to the recession simply wanted to be more buff, but now men want to compete in a job market where they’re competing against men in their 20s and 30s.

So what does this mean for plastic surgeons? Well, almost every plastic surgeon will tell you that women still make up a huge majority of their patients. That being said, your practice shouldn’t neglect marketing solely to men. If you are involved in email marketing, consider a campaign specifically directed at men. If you have a blog, consider writing a series of articles that focus on procedures for men.

In 2010 men had 1.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures (including plastic surgery and minimally invasive treatments). Here’s a breakdown of the post popular procedures:

2010 Top Five Male Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

  1. Nose Reshaping: 64,000
  2. Eyelid Surgery: 31,000
  3. Liposuction: 24,000
  4. Breast Reduction in Men: 18,000
  5. Hair Transplantation: 13,000

2010 Top Five Male Cosmetic Minimally-Invasive Procedures

  1. Botox: 337,000
  2. Laser Hair Removal: 165,000
  3. Microdermabrasion: 158,000
  4. Chemical Peel: 90,000
  5. Soft Tissue Fillers: 78,000

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