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Geo-Targeting-Aesthetic-PracticeMost practices serve a general area that exceeds their city limits. Even practices in densely populated areas such as Los Angeles and Chicago draw from people in surrounding towns and cities.  With the Google map showing up frequently in search results it’s harder to get visibility for these surrounding neighborhoods, cities, and counties.

Here are 4 tips to help you break out and expand your reach:

  1. Include your top surrounding cities in meta descriptions on your website pages and blog posts. You’ll likely not have enough room to include it in the title tag, but work it into the meta description and in an article as well. On ideal place to incorporate this within an article is when you reference the practice. For example, “Dr. Smith, located in Irvine, but serving all of Orange county…”
  2. Get reviews from patients outside your area. Personally email these patients thanking them for their business and kindly ask them for a review online. Yelp in particular references the person’s location, so the more diverse the cities reviewing your practice the better for expanding your reach. Here are some tips for obtaining more patient reviews in general.
  3. Get patient testimonial videos from patients outside your area. Same as #2 except you have more control. With a video you have full control over the title, description and tags. This is where you’ll want to reference the patient’s city. The best part about this tactic is that it can be done using your iPhone!
  4. Take before & after photos and then note the patient’s city in your title tag, meta description, page description, and even image alt tags. You never want to mention their name, and obviously you need consent to post these photos, but it’s ok to list the patient’s location*. This will help you rank for terms related to that city and procedure.

If your aesthetic or medical practice has any questions about expanding its geographic reach, or simply improving your online visibility as a whole, then contact TRBO ADvance today! You can drop us a note here or call us directly at 877-673-7096 x2.

*Disclaimer for #4. We’re not a law firm and always advise you confirm with your lawyer the ins-and-outs of HIPAA compliance.

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