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Chances are if you’ve been regularly checking your medical or aesthetic practice’s Google Analytics that you’ve come across some strange referral sources. You might see Facebook, Twitter, Real Self, or possibly another directory you’re listed on. However, you may see sources such as:


weird referral sources

What are these referral sources?

Semalt claims they are “a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for the market monitoring, yours and your competitors’ positions tracking and comprehensible analytics business information.”

Semalt appears to be crawling massive amounts of websites and web pages in order to show up in your reports so that you’ll then say “hey, who is Semalt?” and go to their website. Their call to action on their website is for the user to enter your domain for a free analysis. It’s a sneaky tactic that many would consider to “referral spam.”

Similarly, and utilize spam bots that are also trying to drive traffic to their website by crawling your site.

How to get rid of these sources?

Obviously, having these sites in your analytics reports skews the data. Furthermore, if you get enough of this spam traffic it may affect your site’s bandwidth, and ultimately, speed.

To remove these sources from all future analtyics reports click on “Admin” in the top navigation bar. Then, under the ‘Account’ column click ‘All Filters’.


Next, name your filter and set the predefined filters to exclude traffic from the domain you want excluded, like the example below.


In some instances you may not be able to access the links under the Account column (if you don’t have master access). In this case, simply go to the View column on the far right of your Admin page. Then click the first link ‘View Settings’. From there, you’ll simply need to check the ‘Bot Filtering’ box.

bot filtering

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