eRelevance Closed for Good
eRelevance has reportedly shut down, according to the Austin Business Journal. As of April 16th, 2019, clients have already begun receiving notices of the shut down leaving many businesses feeling blindsided. CEO Bob Fabbio later confirmed that the closure was the result of “an unexpected situation.” At the time this article was written no explanation as to what caused this unexpected situation has been disclosed. [04/17/2019]

eRelevance is Closing… How businesses will be impacted? 

eRelevance, a digital marketing company, launched in 2013 by software entrepreneur Bob Fabbio. Mr. Fabbio successfully raised over $15 million from investors including Martin Ventures, Rally Ventures, Chicago Ventures, Miramar Venture Partners and Capital Factory, according to the Austin Business Journal. The total number of businesses served my eRelevance isn’t available at this time; however, it is fair to speculate that the number of businesses impacted is a fair amount considered the amount of venture capital pumped into an operation of that size.

Who was eRelevance and what services did they offer? 

eRelevance positioned themselves as a lead management solution for businesses. Their website noted varying degrees of services geared toward helping convert leads into sales for small businesses. These services included a US-based call center, lead engagement using 5 digital channels, and monthly nurturing of leads using 5 different channels. This lead engagement and nurturing utilized email marketing as one of the main channels.

What did they claim to do well?

eRelevance’s touted its core competency as “game-changing lead management solutions.” Their goal was to assist small businesses in generating and converting prospects into paying customers. Sadly, the vision must not have been able to translate to reality as evidenced by their recent closure.

What did customers have to say about them?

Touting a fairly impressive 4.6 stars out of 200+ reviews one would assume their client base was happy. Outside of shutting its doors on tax day, without any notice at all to clients, there were several other common complaints, which you can find in their Google reviews. While reviews were generally positive, not everything was peachy. Any negativity in their reviews seemed to center around primarily around performance.

What options do I have now?

Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?

Easy way = CALL/TEXT: (949) 356-6296 or [Schedule my Digital Strategy Session] Today!

If you were using eRelevance for any kind of patient follow-up, email marketing, social media management, social media ads, or utilizing their call center then it looks like you are going to be in search of a new provider.

Here are some steps to help ensure a smooth transition in the wake of the eRel-apocalypse:

1) Export your data: login to the eRelevance platform and export everything you have in there as you have a limited window to obtain this data. The information collected on your behalf that went into the eRelevance platform belongs to you and you need to ensure you can move it to another platform before you window expires on April 29, 2019.

2) Explore your options: You have a few paths you can take here…

    • Option A: Take everything “in house”. Of course, there is always the option of doing the marketing yourself, but let’s be honest, no one has time for that.
    • Option B: Find a “Done With You” service allowing you to outsource portions of your marketing strategy. The largest risk here is suffering from fragmented marketing and low levels of actual performance.
    • Option C: Find a complete solution. This option is ideal; however, the challenge lies in finding the best partner to help you grow your business, which can be tough.

3) Talk to Turbo. Good News! TRBO is a full-service Aesthetic Digital Marketing Agency who has over 10 years of experience and a massive track record for real results. If you liked eRelevances performance, you will LOVE what we can do at TRBO. If you weren’t a fan of eRelvance and are still looking for a competent provider… then look no further. TRBO will help you formulate a quick and effective gameplan so you can minimize any “downtime” and ensure sales stay on track. With our proprietary consultation request generation system which leverages our unique recursion code method, sales will skyrocket in no time!

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