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What is It?

Google Analytics is the web’s go-to standard for tracking and analyzing a website’s traffic.  By installing a tracking code on each page of your website you can monitor all activity, including traffic sources, average time on each page, the percentage of mobile users, and more. At TRBO, we take it several steps further by configuring advanced conversion tracking metrics, such as consultation requests and phone calls from mobile devices, to name a couple.  

How does this help my practice?

The more your practice knows about its website statistics, the greater the opportunity to evaluate performance and make strategic decisions to improve in areas such as content marketing, content editing, UI/UX/Mobile Optimization, as well as website management…  Bottom line – understanding your current results and measuring performance will lead to a greater return-on-investment for your marketing.

What kind of results can I expect?

Monthly analysis and strategic planning will ensure that your marketing investment is working to its greatest potential.

What input is required from my practice?

Attending your monthly review and strategy session and providing any feedback on how consultations are leading to additional revenue for your practice.

How much lead time is required to produce this each month?

Our accounts team will compile your reports and be ready to deliver them at your monthly strategy session, which is scheduled at your convenience.

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