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What is It?

Recent Google Analytics studies have shown that more than 50% of most aesthetic practice website’s are viewed over mobile devices and tablets, and we expect this number to continue to grow.  Therefore, TRBO has developed our Sticky Navigation Software to help our practices more seamlessly convert those viewing the website on a mobile device into new consultations.

The Sticky Mobile Navigation is a menu with up to 4 button options that “sticks” to the bottom of the screen on a mobile device.  The 4 options are variable, but typically we suggest the 4 actions that most visitors are looking for (Call, Email, Photo Gallery, and Directions).

How does this help my practice?

Ensuring that your website visitors can easily contact your practice, as well as find what they are looking for, is the key to improving your website’s user experience and generating leads.

Furthermore, TRBO is able to configure the mobile sticky navigation to track actions taken by your visitors, such as calls and email form submissions, within Google Analytics.  This is necessary in evaluating our UX/UI/Mobile Optimization Service.

What kind of results can I expect?

In our analytic studies, we found that on some websites mobile conversion increased by up to 700% when the sticky navigation was installed and configured correctly.  This means the potential for a large influx in new consultation requests that your practice may have previously been missing out on.

What input is required from my practice?

Please let us know if you have preferences to what items appear in your mobile sticky navigation, as it is fully configurable for each practice

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