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What is It?

Email Marketing can be one of the easiest tactics for generating ROI because you’re marketing to patients who already know you (and presumably like and trust you). This makes it all the more surprising that many aesthetic practice’s miss this opportunity to email – and reactivate – old patients, as well as bring new prospective patients into the office.

The main email marketing categories currently recommended are:

Specials Email Blasts: Many practices run special offers on a monthly basis to fill vacant spots in their schedules or promote various offers provided by manufacturers.  Email marketing campaigns help get the word out about these special offers making them a cost-efficient way to promote.

Events Email Blasts: Running events on a quarterly basis is another great tactic to re-activate your patient-base, as well as introduce new patients to your practice.  Email campaigns promoting these events is a key component to generating RSVPs and ultimately, a successful event.

Campaigns Introducing New Procedures: It’s vital that you properly communicate all new procedures being offered to your existing patient-base; this is your lowest-hanging fruit for quickly generating interest in this new procedure.  These educational emails can help build awareness, a crucial first step in the patient buying cycle.  After all, if a patient does not know that a solution exists, then why would they inquire about having the treatment done?!

Segmented Campaigns: If you’re really successful with email marketing, and you’re utilizing all of the campaigns mentioned above, then you’ll want to consider running segmented campaigns. These will allow you to target specific niches of your patient list based on their past activity with the practice. For example, how much they’ve spent with you, how frequently they’ve come in, etc. If you have the data available then it can be incredibly powerful to run these targeted campaigns with very specific calls to action.

How does this help my practice?

Patient retention.  Keeping your existing patients from going to other practices for their aesthetic needs is the key to scalability and practice growth.

What kind of results can I expect?

Email marketing is a relationship game. Over time, if you are providing value to your patients, they will look forward to your emails and your response rates will go up.  Results will vary based on your relationship with your patients, as well as your active involvement in capturing more patient emails.

What input is required from my practice?

Approval of copy and graphic design is required for each email blast. We’ll also work with you on tactics for growing your email list, starting with all new web leads.

How much lead time is required to produce this each month?

1 week lead time is required to create copy, graphics and code the email.  After approval, your email will be scheduled strategically, based on popular open rates.

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