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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing, specifically content writing, is the creation and distribution of unique, engaging articles designed to reach your target audience. Providing valuable content to your prospects and patients will allow you to establish yourself as a leader in your industry, as well as build trust within your audience. It is essential for any aesthetic practice to focus on content marketing as one of their core digital marketing tactics.

The central focus of our content writing is blogging, which is, at a minimum, a 300-400 word copywritten article about a specific topic for your practice.

Of course, content writing is just one part of content marketing.  Building videos, articles on 3rd party sites, and press releases, to name a few, are other forms of indexable content that we focus on building, depending on your contract. Even adding before & after photos to your website is a form of content marketing!

How does this help my practice?

When content marketing is done correctly you will see an increase in exposure, website traffic, engagement, and ultimately patients. At TRBO ADvance, we believe content marketing lays the groundwork for all other marketing channels. Steadily growing your content will improve your indexable material online, making it easier for patients to find you organically.

Focusing on content marketing will also help establish and build social proof, helping to paint you as the expert.

The best part of content marketing is that any type of content – video, blogs, before & after photos, and press releases – is that is all can be shared. This is often referred to as syndication. For example, a new video can not only be posted to YouTube, but embedded on the website, uploaded to Facebook, and uploaded to other video channels, such as Vimeo.

What kind of results can I expect?

Content marketing is the key to long-term SEO success. Typically, search engine optimization takes 90-180 days to get real traction for your top terms, and content marketing will play a vital role in that traction.

Content marketing, especially blogging, often focuses on “long tail” keywords, which is just a fancy way of saying phrases or questions.  For example, “does botox work well on men?”. This is a more specific phrase, therefore obtaining organic rankings is often easier with these content pieces since they focus on this singular or specific topic.  

What input is required from my practice?

Each month your practice will be involved in helping to pick article topics, with Turbo’s oversight.  Your account manager will help to pick each topic, based on keyword research, existing organic rankings, frequently asked questions from patients, and procedures you’re looking to promote.

You will provide details specific to your delivery of the procedure discussed in the content topic.  This is required as every practice has its own protocols, views, and unique selling points on each procedure.  We will also work to learn about your voice (formal vs informal, fun vs clinical, etc).

Once the details of the article have been laid out, our writers will compile a draft of the article, then your account manager will review it before sending it to you for review.   Our goal is to get your content marketing articles quickly, and with minimal (if any) edits required, so you can simply confirm and we can get them optimized and posted for you.

Beyond the blog articles, the one main thing we need your help to grow is before & after photos, since we cannot physically be in your office to take them. Once we have them we can upload them to our gallery, which will help with your overall SEO.

How much lead time is required to produce this each month?

2-3 weeks from when your articles are submitted to our copywriters.  Again, we will need details about how your practice performs a given procedure that is being addressed in the article in order to submit it.

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