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What is It?

Video marketing is a form of content marketing with the goal of educating potential patients or providing social proof. Videos can also generate additional search engine rankings or improve the pages they’re embedded on.

Turbo’s video marketing program consists of 4 types of videos:

  • Animated & Whiteboard-Style Educational Videos
  • Before & After Photo Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Procedure Education Videos (Demonstration Videos)

How does this help my practice?

Many of your patients appreciate the video format; it’s often much quicker and easier to learn about a procedure by watching a video than reading a page.  The video content, if optimized correctly, can help your organic search engine visibility, and even better, videos uploaded to Facebook are more likely to appear organically (non-paid) in Facebook feeds, vs. regular posts.

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect a quality video to be produced, as well as more visibility and engagement within the mediums and pages the video is posted to. Video is one small piece of the content marketing and path-to-conversion puzzle, so we look at our organic reach, unique traffic to the website, and our conversion rates to evaluate how well we’re doing with our content marketing.

What input is required from my practice?

Since each video is custom-produced for your practice, script approval and final video approval and feedback is necessary.

How much lead time is required to produce this each month?

1-2 weeks lead time is requested once the script is approved. At that point you will be able to view the first video draft.

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