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thank you cardWhen vetting a medical or aesthetic practice prospective patients are most likely to check out your before & after work and read your 3rd party reviews online. It goes without saying that you should be striving to grow both your before & after cases and your reviews. The latter can be especially tricky because it’s out of your control.

I’ve written article in the past about how to generate more patient reviews. One thing I’ve always emphasized is that there’s really nothing more powerful than the doctor, nurse, or technician who performed the procedure asking the patient directly if they could write them a review. If done in a timely manner, such as during the post-op appointment, or when the patient is happiest about the results, you’ll get better results.

You can take this tactic a step further to ensure better “conversion rates” with patients whom you ask to review you. Consider writing a personalized thank you note to the patient expressing your gratitude for their business, and at the end kindly ask them for a review. It wouldn’t hurt to leave a business card, or insert, with instructions on where and how to review you. Make sure the note is hand written and legible. That adds a personal touch to the card that’s more impact.

You may also consider including a coupon for a discount off of a product or future service with the thank you card, but I don’t think that’s necessary. The main thing is to express gratitude and appreciation for their business. While you might already be doing this automatically via email, a personal thank you card takes this a step further.

Even if the patient never actually leaves you a  review, they walk away knowing that you care. Plus, it’s much more likely they’ll send you a card back, and while that may not be quite as valuable to a prospective patient as a Google+, Real Self or Yelp review, it’s better than nothing!

If you’d like to learn more about review generation or practice reputation you can check out these articles. You can always connect with TRBO directly at 877-673-7096 or by shooting us a note here.

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