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Back in December 2016 we launched Magic Rating, our software designed to help aesthetic practices build their positive online reviews. Five months later, we have over 20 clients actively using the software!

If you’re unfamiliar with Magic Rating, the software uses two modes, email or kiosk mode, to request feedback, from 0 to 10. Based on the rating, the client receives a follow up email either thanking them and then asking them for a review on Google+ or Real Self, or if the feedback was negative, the patient gets a different email from the practice essentially asking how they can make it better (with no request for a review).

The process of generating more reviews online is challenging, and unfortunately there’s no “magic wand” to suddenly bring in a ton of new reviews. There is, however, Magic Rating, which makes the process of generating positive reviews as seamless as possible!

In this email I’ll break down how our clients are doing with Magic Rating. Before I get to the stats, let me review a few terms:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): This is quickest way to measure how satisfied your customers are with your business. The formula is simple, take the percentage of 9 and 10s in feedback and subtract the percentage of 0-6 in feedback (feedback of 7 or 8 is considered “passive” and are not included in the calculation). The closer to 100 the score is the better.
  • Open Rate: This is simply the percentage of patients who open the initial email you send asking for feedback. *Note: If you’re using Kiosk mode then this isn’t relevant, as you’re patients are “opening” the feedback request page 100% of the time.
  • Feedback Rate: This is the percentage of patients emailed who fill out the feedback request form
  • New Reviews: This is self-explanatory; the increase in reviews on your top review sites since you’ve started with Magic Rating.

For all clients, who have sent out at least 500 feedback requests, here are the results…

For our top 3 clients (based on NPS), who have also sent out at least 500 feedback requests, here are the results…

  • NPS: 86.67
  • Average feedback requests sent: 1,301
  • Average open rate: 52.9%
  • Average feedback rate: 4.41%
  • Average New Reviews: 23

…You can see that among our top 3 clients 23 out of 1,301 requests sent resulted in reviews. While that’s a low percentage, 1.77%, it adds up over the long run. Imagine how much better your presence would be if you had just 10-15 more reviews, spread out between Google+, Real Self and Yelp. What if these were mostly positive? Would that improve your social proof? Of course it would! What if I told you this software was FREE for all TRBO clients? Then it becomes a no-brainer, right?

Are you looking to turn your satisfied patients into more positive online reviews?  Visit to sign up for your free demo, or drop us a note here to connect with us with any questions.

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