Summer 2018 at Turbo

For many aesthetic practices, summer means a little slowdown, particularly in August and September when the kids are going back to school. At TRBO, we’ve got quite a few new products and tools we’re rolling out this summer. Each one is geared toward improving your practice’s patient engagement, social proof, lead generation, or tracking capabilities.

Here are the five biggest updates that we’re rolling out this summer for our clients:

1) TRBO Phone Tag Zapier Feeds: If you’re unfamiliar with Phone Tag, we rolled out this call tracking software in the late Spring. The software works by generating a script that you embed on your website and it dynamically replaces every instance where your phone number is listed with a tracking number. Each website visitor, or IP address, is shown a unique phone number and if that user calls the practice you can find out exactly where they came from.

The data that Phone Tag supplies is amazing, as you can track phone call leads down to a specific source/medium, such as Facebook, Yelp, Bing Organic, or Google ads, even down to the keyword the patient used to find the website!

Track Call By Source

The newest Phone Tag feature that we released in late July allows you to use Zapier to pull data from Phone Tag into a Google Doc. If you set up your Google Doc to also pull in your website form submission leads (with hidden fields to capture the source/medium the lead came from) then you account for all your website leads in a single document. More importantly, every lead ties a name to a source. This is all done on-the-fly, so you can check your leads at any time to see how they’re doing and where they’re coming from.

2) New TRBO Photo Gallery: We’re excited to release the latest version of our Photo Gallery software for aesthetic practices. This new version includes updates to both aesthetic and functional components of the plugin:

  • larger featured case photos
  • seamless click or tap to view alternative case angles
  • improved call to action and case detail organization
  • faster, more dynamic mobile filters
  • improved SEO logic
  • and much more!
new TRBO Gallery case page

You can learn more about all of the updates to our photo gallery software by clicking here.

3) New Magic Rating Features: Our reputation management and review-generation software, Magic Rating, launched back in 2016. The software allows you to follow up with patients via email or in-office, using “kiosk mode.” If the feedback is positive, such as an 8 out of 10 or higher, then the patient will automatically receive a follow-up email asking for a review, and that email includes links. Your practice can keep all feedback private or embed the feedback on your website (with filtering available so you can only display the positive).

Since its launch, we’ve added many new features, including the following this year:

  • ability to embed 1st and 3rd-party reviews on your website
  • ability to bypass the “feedback” and drive patients directly to a review site
Showcase 1st and 3rd Part Reviews

You can learn about how TRBO, with the help of Magic Rating, boosted a Southern California practice’s online star rating from 2.9 to 4.1, leading to a 90% increase in organic traffic by clicking here.

4) TRBO Re-Marketing: Launched this summer, practices partnered with TRBO can now run re-marketing ads. These are display ads that target users who had previously visited your website. Why is this a big deal? Google, the largest search engine and Internet advertising platform, does not allow re-marketing for aesthetic practices due to the sensitive nature of the procedures.

What is Re-Marketing?

TRBO was able to overcome this hurdle by partnering with other Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) to run re-marketing campaigns for clients. To learn more about this new advertising opportunity check out this article.

5) Free Websites for Life: In 2017, TRBO introduced new marketing plans that included a website re-design at no cost. This added at least $14k of value to all new clients. In 2018, we’ve taken this incredible deal even further, offering free websites for life!

For all new clients that sign up with Turbo’s Gold plan, not only will the website design and development be free, we’ll re-design your website every 3 years at no additional cost! This means that as long as you’re with TRBO you will never have to pay for a new website design. In other words, you have a free website for life!

As you can see, we’ve been busy. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve been busy pumping out amazing work, which you can read more about here or view in our portfolio here. We’re also currently re-working our onboarding process to further improve our customer service and our results.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with the most cutting-edge agency dedicated to the aesthetic industry then we’d love to talk. You can connect with us by phone at 877-673-7096 x2 or by leaving us a note here.

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