The TRBO ADvance team is excited to be getting settled in our new downtown Charleston office on historic Meeting St, as part of the Digital Corridor.

What is the Digital Corridor?

This new location was custom design by TRBO via the Digital Corridor, a non-profit organization whose goal is to attract, nurture and promote Charleston’s tech economy through a combination of technology-enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support, and member-driven programming.

Some of the TRBO team in the lobby of the new Digital Corridor

In short, the Digital Corridor is part tech community, part incubator, part training organization, part networking group, and part hub for investors.

Turbo’s Relationship with the Digital Corridor

TRBO has been with the Digital Corridor since we established roots in Charleston in 2015. Our focus has been to add every member of the production team, including all Account Managers and Project Managers,  to the Charleston office.

The Digital Corridor has helped TRBO scale along the way, allowing us to move to new offices as we grew.

The New Office

As noted above, the new office was custom-design, meaning TRBO picked out the exact square footage of the office, placement of each work station, and even placement of each outlet and ethernet jack!

New TRBO Office

It is truly a unique space and one that’ll accommodate our future growth.

Plans for 2020

Despite this being a custom-design office, the current Digital Corridor location is actually a placeholder for the new location, which builders are working on now.

2020 Digital Corrdior
Renderings for new Digital Corridor location

In early January of 2019, the city of Charleston approved the development of the “Charleston Tech Center,” where the Digital Corridor will be located sometime in 2020.

TRBO has big plans for future growth, and we’ve noted some of our plans for 2019 in this blog.

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