2018 was a huge year for TRBO. We’re on pace to grow 30-40% for the third straight year, and we’ve added a few key members to our team. In this article, we’ll recap some of our accomplishments from 2018 and some of our plans for 2019.

What's New With Turbo

New Team Members

We added Sarah Smith in February, who began as our Junior Project Manager and took over as Project Manager to start 2019. We also added Charlie Baliman, a Junior Account Manager, in October. Our copywriting and development teams have also grown this past year, which is exciting. Our goal is to add two additional Junior Account Managers and one additional Junior Project Manager by Q2 of 2019.

New Technology in 2018

New Technology in 2018

On top of human capital, there’s also been an expansion in our service offering and technology. Here’s a breakdown of all the new features and technologies we upgraded or introduced in 2018:

  • introduced Phone Tag for advanced call tracking
  • introduced TRBO Mail for cutting-edge email marketing
  • updated Photo Gallery version 2: our new version increased the category image size, added calls to action on the case pages, improved the mobile filters, improved the SEO knowledge, and an enhanced case page and image view slider.
  • new Magic Rating features: our review software now has an improved interface and tagging, 1st and 3rd party filter on the embedded reviews widget, and a new review “pop up”
  • launched TRBO Re-Marketing program
  • additional technical upgrades: upgraded all websites to php7.2, which enhances the coding and security capabilities
  • free websites for life for new clients!

What’s Coming in 2019?

  • Lead Accelerator program: new marketing package we’re releasing that is geared toward new practices or those just getting into digital marketing. The monthly fee will be low and it will only focus on generating leads through Media Buy. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months
  • new Photo Gallery version 3: building off of the upgrades from version 2
  • integration with Magic Rating and TRBO Mail: the goal is to help practices better segment their email marketing lists by focusing, to start, on their influencers (those who rate the practice as a 9/10 or 10/10). The idea from there is to run into campaigns to these patients to re-engage them and generate referrals
  • new Magic Rating features: new features are currently ‘in the works’ right now; stay tuned for details
  • Google Data Studio: we’ve already started sending out reports using this amazing new tool, which helps us create easy-to-read, customized layouts that automatically pull in data from both Google Analytics and Google Ads
Google Data Studio

We expect to double the size of our production team in 2019 to handle our company growth, and with that will mean improved training, processes, and technology. That will result in superior customer service and the best results in the aesthetics industry.

Currently, with no website development fees, free websites for life, and the most comprehensive digital marketing services TRBO has set itself apart from all other digital marketing agencies. That said, we’re taking it to an entirely different level in 2019!

Take the Next Step Toward Growing Your Aesthetic Practice

We can help! Many TRBO clients, including dermatology, med spa, and plastic surgery centers have been seeing great results with TRBO. If you’d like to learn more about improving your practice reputation or increasing your star ratings then give us a ring at 877-673-7096 x2. You can also shoot us a note by filling out the form here.

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