What aesthetic practices can be doing during Coronavirus

We’re now approaching a month that many aesthetic practices have been forced to closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted, from both a health standpoint and an economic standpoint.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve mentioned ways your practice can generate cash right now, specifically through gift cards, selling products, and discount packages that patients can buy now and use later.

For most aesthetic practices, this may only slightly move the needle in terms of generating revenue. The marketing challenge right now is to also ensure that you dedicate time to things that won’t generate you much of any revenue right now but will pay dividends in the future.

In this article, we’d like to shift the focus toward marketing and what each practice, specifically the main providers and doctors – can do to improve their marketing during this downtime. Our Chief Marketing officer, Chris Moore, has even created a video breakdown for you as well..

1) Create Video Content

Start by recording some video content. Never recorded any videos? A great place to start hunting for topics is the FAQs for each of the top procedures your practice offers.

These videos do NOT have to be fancy. Your smartphone and a tripod or desktop phone holder will do the trick.

shoot video

The key is for the doctor or provider is to be face-to-face with the viewer and providing value and expertise. Here’s an article with some detailed tips for shooting videos with your smartphone.

These videos can then be utilized in many ways:

  • on the blog or in the resources area of your website
  • on individual procedure pages of your website
  • on your practice’s organic social media accounts
  • on your YouTube channel
  • in paid ads or boosted posts

Videos help showcase your personality, build your brand, provide expertise on the subject, and help with SEO.

2) Ask Patients for Feedback

Actively email each of your recent patients and ask for feedback on their last visit to your office. Any positive feedback can be used in your future marketing efforts as a testimonial.

Also, after you receive positive feedback, you can then ask your patient to kindly share his or her feedback publicly on popular review sites.

Review Generation

The worst thing that can happen is you get negative feedback. However, once you know someone had a poor experience, now you have a chance to fix it and make it right.

Having a software that helps with this process is very helpful.

3) Re-Evaluate Your Marketing as a Whole

Ask yourself these questions:

  • how well did your website perform for you over the past few years?
  • how does your website stand up against your top competitors?
  • how are your social media followings?  Are you generating any business or ROI from your efforts there?

You may not know the answers to all these questions but see what you can glean with a little research. You may have a gap in your sales process that prevents you from being able to accurately track your lead to consult and consult to new patient metrics.

Now is the time to address these gaps so you can clearly see the marketing investment in terms of cost per lead, cost per consultation, and cost per acquisition.

4) Relax


Lastly, we suggest you take this time and relax.  It is no illusion that doctors and providers in the aesthetic space work hard and work often.

On the surface, relaxation may not seem like a marketing strategy, but whatever you can do to alleviate some stress – so you can focus on getting your practice in a position to succeed when you re-open – will pay dividends down the road.

A little downtime might be just what the doctor ordered!

TRBO Can Help Your Practice Prepare to Re-Open and Capture Market Share

To view our Coronavirus Resource Guide for aesthetic practices click here.

If you would like help with setting up an online store or simply strategizing about your re-opening game plan then schedule a strategy session our growth expert Sonja Vaisz. You can also reach TRBO directly at 877-673-7096 x2.

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