What Keywords Should My Website & Blog Target

What Keywords Should My Website & Blog TargetThere are many tools you should use to achieve high rankings on search engines. Having quality, unique content; blogging; backlinking; and proper titles and meta descriptions are just a few ways to go about achieving high rankings. But how do you know which keywords to optimize for? Better yet, how do you know which keywords to write content and blog articles for?

You need a way to research keywords and figure out which one’s are the most desirable for your profession. This is a crucial step before you begin any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. In fact, you might very well be surprised at the data you find. For example, if you’re a plastic surgeon you might assume that this is the top keyword to target for your area. However, you might find that “breast augmentation” is a more frequently searched term. Similarly, if you’re a chiropractor you might that the term “chiropractor” is searched less frequently than “back pain.”

So where do you go to do this keyword research? Well, there are a lot of quality tools out there, and some of them you need to pay for. I prefer the Google keyword tool because it is very comprehensive and it’s free! This tool not only will show you the keyword frequency in which a term is searched, it’ll also provide you with alternative, related keywords and how frequently these terms are searched. Furthermore, you can also see what the average cost-per-click is for every keyword, in case you’re interested in doing pay-per-click advertising.

With the basic settings you’ll be able to see “global monthly searches,” which is self explanatory, and “local monthly searches,” which does not mean local searches in your state or city, but rather, searches throughout the entire US for that particular keyword. However, you can narrow down to the state, metro and even city level for keywords. You simply go to the “traffic estimator” and then click “Advanced Options & Filters.” Then edit the location and narrow down to your area.

Before any search engine optimization can be done, and before you can even write blog articles or content for your website, you need to do your keyword research. To learn more about how to do keyword research or optimize your website and blog contact TRBO ADvance today, or call us at 877-673-7096 x2.

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