Medical Blogging Tips for Writing Quality Articles

When it comes to blogging, medical doctors have to take a different approach than other businesses. Patient privacy is extremely important and should never be compromised. Also, doctors and physicians need to be careful about facts and claims that they make. So does this mean that you should avoid blogging out of fear? Of course not…

Here are some tips for putting together quality articles:

1) Plan out your topics ahead of time: If there is a question that patients bring up consistently, or even more than once, during consultations or prior to any procedures, then consider writing about that topic. Every couple weeks jot down a few ideas that you can elaborate on later. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to come with topics.

2) Never post anything about celebrities: This goes without saying, and is usually worked out prior to working on any celebrity, but never name drop. Even subtle hints could be leaked to the press.

3) Get consent to use patient photos: This goes for your website as well. Even if you get approval, make sure to remove the names of the patients associated with the photo. It is generally good practice to use stock images most of the time anyway (except before & after photos).

4) Break up the text: Write short paragraphs and make sure to utilize bullet points and lists when applicable. Images also help to break up the text. This simply makes the article easier to read.

5) Keep it under 500 words: This is a rule that I sometimes break, but it is a good one to shoot for. 200-500 words is ideal, and if you have to go over then try to keep it no more than a couple hundred words over that limit. Alternatively, if you have a topic that you feel necessitates a long article consider breaking it up into different parts or even a series.

6) Have a “call to action” at the end: Never forget to include a link to a contact form or a phone number at the end of each article. Often times patients will read through an article quickly, become interested in the topic and then leave because they don’t see a phone number or contact form. Make it easy on visitors to contact you by providing info at the end of every article.

If you’d like to learn more about how to write quality medical blog posts, or if you need help blogging for your practice, then contact TRBO ADvance today or call 877-673-7096 x2.

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