grow-blog-exposureBefore I get into some useful tactics for increasing the visibility of your blog articles it’s worth reiterating that you need more than just “quality, unique articles.” I hear that phrase uttered by a lot of “SEO” people, particularly those in the aesthetics industry, but what does that even mean? Obviously we want unique articles; they shouldn’t be copied from anywhere else. However, “quality” is subjective.

My advice is to avoid regurgitating content that’s already mentioned on your procedure pages. That’s boring and not really informative. Get creative with your blog by…

  • comparing two unique procedures (Botox vs fillers)
  • highlight how two procedures can be used together
  • discuss specific skin concerns or conditions and how you’d go about treating them
  • highlight a recent success story (a transformation highlighted with photo and/or video)
  • discuss one of the latest trends or new technologies
  • provide tips for patients

These are just a handful of ideas. Let’s assume you’ve got great content, but you simply need more eyeballs on it. Where do you start?

  1. Social media
  2. Email marketing
  3. Paid ads
  4. Partner/affiliate sites
  5. Real Self

Some of these may be obvious to you. If not, just make sure you posting your blogs on your social networks, as well as your monthly newsletter. What I really want to highlight are a couple of the less obvious tactics, #4 and #5.

feedburner_logoYou need partners in related industries who can cross-promote you. Spas, beauty salons, and nail salons are just a few examples for establishments you can partner with. Find one with a reputable reputation and an owner you like and see how you can cross-promote each other, such as coordinating an event or even just posting/hanging collateral in each other’s offices. You can take it a step further digitally with guest blogging or references to each other in your email newsletters.

You can also use affiliated sites to promote your blogs. If you’re on Real Self or another aesthetic network I’d highly recommend answering questions. These answers can be more relevant (and useful) if you post a link to your blog. Similarly, if you syndicate a press release make sure you include links to your website and blogs, if relevant.

Consider working in an opt-in to subscribe to your blog. This can be done via an RSS plugin, such as Feedburner. This allows people to be notified via email with each blog that you post.

The most important thing is to make your copy stand out. You don’t want it to be unique in the sense that it’s not plagiarized, you want it to be different from anything your competitors are putting out. Keep it cutting edge and show some personality! Here are some tips for writing great articles.

If you’d like to know more about blogging we have many different articles you can reference here. To inquire about how you can better utilize your blog or improve your blogging strategy leave TRBO a message here or call us at 877-673-7096 x2.

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