ken cohn featured
ken cohnWe’d like to take a moment to remember Dr. Ken Cohn, an innovative and passionate man who lost his battle with lung cancer on June 24th.
Ken Cohn, MBA, MD, FACS was was the founder and CEO of Healthcare Collaboration, an organization dedicated to improving the clinical and financial performance of healthcare establishments, including hospitals. Dr. Cohn was a highly educated man, as you can tell by the various acronyms attached to his name, but he was also a man who thought outside of the box. He was an speaker, author, consultant and teacher who was extremely passionate about finding better ways to communicate using technology.
It was this passion for technology that brought Dr. Cohn and Turbo’s founder Matt Arndt together. About six years ago they met in a mastermind group and immediately bonded. Ken was a client and a partner of Turbo’s, and he also wrote a nice testimonial for Matt’s book.
Ken was a kind and open-minded man and a true innovator & entrepreneur. He will be missed.

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