This is part III of our three part series about the best places to advertise your aesthetic practice online. Here are the links to the other two parts in this series:

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Part III: Other Advertising Mediums

One popular place for local businesses to advertise that’s lost its luster recently is Groupon. The discount marketplace has seen its popularity fall significantly over the past few years, and it’s a medium most aesthetic practices should avoid. While price is certainly a factor in a patient’s buying decision, Groupon cheapens the value of your services, and it often attracts the wrong kind of patients: price shoppers who come in once and don’t return. Lastly, I’d argue that it’s simply inappropriate to advertise most procedures on Groupon, outside of maybe Botox or laser hair removal.

Local publications and media outlets are another place to explore for exposure in your metropolitan. These can be hit or miss, depending on a variety of factors, so make sure you do your research. Find out more about the readership target market, frequency in publication, and any contract you’d need to sign. The best opportunities that I’ve seen are in publications where your practice is featured in more of an interview style, as this appears less like an ad. Many publications have digital content, so you’ll want to make sure you can track traffic from their website. In some cases though, all of your exposure will be offline, so it’ll be more challenging to track results. Furthermore, advertising – even just digitally – with local news sites, radio stations, or magazines can be very expensive.

Native display ads are on the rise. These low-cost display ads follow the cost-per-click model, like Google AdWords, but they are significantly cheaper. Also, instead of a traditional banner ad that you can run through Google, which highlights a special or other selling point for your practice, native ads are typically content-based. Instead of driving users to a Specials page, you’ll want to drive them to a blog it educational article. The beauty of native ads, other than being very cheap to run, is that your targeting can be hyper-focused, placing your native ads on websites targeting specific interests and in specific geographies. Additionally, like search engine ads, you’re not locked into any contract. You can pause ads at any time.

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