cosmetic procedures are safe

cosmetic procedures are safeA new study by JAMA Dermatology was published last week and it confirmed that cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, fillers and laser skin treatments, are very safe. With the continued rise in popularity of these cosmetic procedures, even through the recession of the past few years, this study will likely only further patient’s confidence in these non-surgical procedures.

One of the biggest concerns patients have about cosmetics procedures, particularly injectables, is: are they safe? The study found that minor side effects, such as bruising, lumpiness or skin discoloration, occur in less than 1 percent of cases.

We strongly suspected the rates were going to be low, but we were pleasantly surprised that they were as low as they were,” said study lead author Dr. Murad Alam, a dermatologist at Northwestern University in Illinois.

It’s worth noting that the study only tracked dermatologists who regularly performed these procedures. Therefore, one can infer that the rate of negative side effects would likely increase in the hands of more inexperienced and unqualified providers. I think this is a key point for all cosmetic practices and one that should never be undersold.  These procedures should be done by qualified doctors and nurses.

With ophthalmologists, med spas, dermatologists, and other physicians all offering Botox and fillers there’s no shortage of options. Couple that with the rise of discount websites, such as Groupon, and patients have the luxury to shop for the best deal. This puts the onus on each practice to educate patients on why they shouldn’t settle for the cheapest provider. Sell your experience, education and credentials, such as board-certification.

We always preach about the importance of quality, unique content, and it’s understandable that after a while you can start to run out of new topics. Well, I couldn’t think of a better set of blog topics for a cosmetic practice than those that focus on the safety and potential side effects of these non-surgical procedures.

The growth of cosmetic procedures over the past decade was primarily due to baby boomers seeking their fountain of youth. As boomers climb into their late 50s and 60s, Generation X and Y begin to make up the target market for non-surgical procedures. These generations have more anti-aging options than ever, and thus far they’ve shown that they’re very interested in Botox, fillers and cosmetic laser treatments.

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