Giving Back My experience teaching entrepreneurship in Kenya

I just returned from an 11 Day trip to Kenya with an amazing group of volunteers from Johnson and Johnson.  As you may or may not know, I started my professional career interning during summer breaks from UC Davis at Lifescan (part of Johnson & Johnson’s Diabetes Franchise).  We travelled all the way to a rural village in Kenya to teach a course on Entrepreneurship to a group of some of the most amazing 90 girls I’ve ever met.  WISER (Women’s Institute of Secondary Education and Research) is a school that was started by Dr. Sherryl Broverman of Duke University, and many Duke students (including my brother Michael) and other volunteers.  To learn more about WISER, visit

Our group spent 6 days in Muhuru Bay dodging cows, malaria, and Piki’s (motorcycle taxis), and spent 4 solid days and nights teaching classes ranging from Entrepreneurship Concepts, Sales, and Marketing,  to Communications, Resume Writing, Interviewing skills and Personal & Business Finance.  The classes we’re very well received and in the end, I must say, I cannot wait to return to teach again.  To learn more about our day-to-day experiences, refer to: (this blog was written and maintained by my friend Melissa Katz, a J&J PR Pro that joined us for the trip and spearheaded the Communications, Interview, and Resume classes).

At TRBO, we pride ourselves in giving back, and plan on doing all we can to continue educating and helping out with the WISER School. If you’re interested in learning more, give me a call or send me an email –[email protected].  Enjoy the pictures from my trip below:

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